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Gaia & Dubos designs, produces and sells ecological and ethical high-end garments for women. We also offer virtual sewing courses to allow everyone to learn the basics of clothing and accessories repair, and we also act as an informant by posting videos and articles on sustainable fashion.

Gaia & Dubos Gaia & Dubos wants to change the face of the fashion industry by offering products and services resulting from sustainable development. We also want to give the power back to consumers by giving them an education on ecological and ethical fashion.

The three core values of Gaia & Dubos, respect, equity and quality, are at the meeting point of environment and ethics.

Gaia & Dubos is a Quebec-based company established in Montreal in 2015. Léonie Daignault-Leclerc, designer and founder of Gaia & Dubos, began her fashion designer career at the age of 12, where she learned how to draft patterns and sew for herself. She started her own business at 15 years old, designing made-to-measure garments for her customers. Her love and devotion for the planet and humanity led her to found a company that promotes the principles of respect, equity and quality.